This was the main element locating of the AMAs 2010 National Health Insurer Report Cards.

Coventry HEALTHCARE Inc.41 %. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield rounded out the list with a national accuracy rating of 73.98 %. The AMA estimates that $777.6 million in unnecessary administrative costs could possibly be saved if medical insurance sector improves claims processing precision by one %. Increasing medical insurance industry’s accuracy rating to 100 % would save up to $15.5 billion annually that could be better used to improve patient help and care reduce overall health care costs. ‘Each insurer uses different guidelines for processing and spending medical claims, which cause complexity, confusion and waste,’ said Dr.‘I really wanted to dive in the deep end of pathology,’ he said. ‘I persuaded other pathology residents to subscribe to fantastic ASCP resources such as Daily Diagnosis, to apply for ASCP subspecialty grants, also to sign up for the ASCP residency program.’ Through his years as an ASCP Resident Representative, Hammond has learned how important it is to belong to the larger pathology community and ‘not need a myopic vision.’ He likes networking for new ideas, not just to meet up new people, to become better pathologist. Hammond has a passion for how digital pathology can transform diagnoses in developing countries. In the future he hopes to overseas perform secondary consultations.

AMSSM researcher discusses genetic associations with concussions Thomas R. Terrell, MD presented ‘Prospective Cohort Study of the Association of Genetic Polymorphisms and Concussion Risk and Postconcussion Neurocognitive Deficits in College Athletes’ at the 21st American Medical Culture for Sports Medicine Annual Achieving in Atlanta, Ga.