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While this trial didn’t result in a highly effective product, it had been a successful trial – it offered a clear result, if that result is disappointing even. In lots of ways, this trial should serve as a model for potential HIV prevention trials since it will provide critical scientific information in addition to important lessons from the comprehensive social science component and the extensive community engagement and preparation undertaken by the trial staff. The principal investigators and trial staff developed many innovative integrated approaches for working with individuals and communities to make sure retention in the trial also to track women’s use of the product.Data Collection Individuals with aneurysms were identified by the local investigators prospectively, and eligible patients who all decided to participate were enrolled. We did not collect information about patients who weren’t enrolled in the study, and we have no idea how many patients weren’t asked to take part or didn’t agree to participate. The time of the patient’s initial visit for the current condition was designated as day 0 for follow-up.