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Free of charge testosterone thresholds for a minimal rate of recurrence of sexual thoughts and for sadness had been 160 pmol per liter, and the threshold for both erectile dysfunction and a reduced frequency of morning hours erection was 280 pmol per liter. The free testosterone threshold for an elevated level of fatigue was 160 pmol per liter . Clustering of Symptoms with Testosterone In working out set, multiple correspondence analyses delineated combinations of individual symptoms that were associated with one another and also with a minimal or normal testosterone level Showing Associations between Symptoms and Degrees of Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone in working out and Validation Models.). Two distinct clusters could possibly be identified. The lack of symptoms was clustered with a total testosterone degree of at least 8.0 nmol per liter, a total testosterone level of 11 nmol per liter or even more, and a free testosterone degree of 220 pmol per liter or more.