Just one-third of Americans with a mental medical condition seek treatment.

Who would like to admit all that? 24 on A&E. To learn more on Brookhaven Retreat and the need for seeking treatment, visit or com 877-817-3422.. African Americans receive less mental illness treatments and diagnoses than Caucasian Americans According to the Surgeon General, just one-third of Americans with a mental medical condition seek treatment; the %age of African Us citizens getting help is half that of non-Hispanic whites. The National Alliance on Mental Wellness reports that African Americans are disproportionately more likely to experience social circumstances that boost their chances of developing a mental illness and are less inclined to receive diagnoses and remedies for their mental illnesses than Caucasian Us citizens.Parents should be supportive and understanding, and seek medical advice if their older kid continues wetting the bed. Children who wet the bed should receive a full physical exam in order to rule out any critical urologic abnormalities or infections. URINARY SYSTEM Infections : Patients going through symptoms of a UTI, such as painful, regular urination, cloudy urine, or hematuria , should seek prompt treatment because the condition can easily worsen and spread. Although people who suffer regular UTIs are well aware of the importance to take care of this condition, those experiencing a UTI for the first time may not understand the possibly life-threatening consequences of delaying medical attention.