AMICAS announces new contract with Central Kentucky Radiology AMICAS.

‘We think that the sophisticated capabilities of the AMICAS solution will improve our income while reducing our operating costs, such that we expect to understand a positive profits on return within 24 months.’ AMICAS Financials, a Windows-based solution, provides CashFinder Worklists to automate radiology billing. AMICAS RIS drives administrative personnel productivity and revenue possibilities. In addition to AMICAS AMICAS and Financials RIS, Central Kentucky Radiology also uses the next AMICAS solutions: AMICAS Dashboards for on-demand business cleverness and AMICAS Files for a comprehensive ‘paperless office’ alternative. ‘We are worked up about our partnership with Central Kentucky Radiology,’ stated Stephen Kahane, M.D., president, chief executive officer, and chairman of AMICAS.‘Additional radiation to the surrounding lymph nodes reduced the chance of subsequent recurrence of breast tumor both locally, such as for example beneath the arm, and at sites distant from the breasts, like the bone, liver and lung. The procedure didn’t increase survival, but follow-up is relatively early still.’ The nodal treatment was connected with limited toxicity, including a slight increase in the chance of radiation pneumonitis and lymphedema of the arm. The scholarly study, conducted over 14 years by the NCIC Clinical Trials Group at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., involved more than 1,800 individuals and a group of investigators from Canada, the Unites Australia and Claims.