Aethlon Medical reestablishes efforts to advance Aethlon Hemopurifier Aethlon Medical.

Last month, the National government announced it would seek to boost government efforts to spur advancement of countermeasures for potential biological-weapon agents and HHS declared that programs intended to prepare the country for biological weapons attacks would be overhauled with a focus toward decreasing the amount of time it will take to produce brand-new medical countermeasures, and that brand-new institutes would be set up to collaborate with little firms on the creation of new remedies.. Aethlon Medical reestablishes efforts to advance Aethlon Hemopurifier Aethlon Medical, Inc.S. Government programs that support the purchase and advancement of treatment countermeasures against bioterror threats. Therapeutics able to focus on multiple bioterror threats have become a center point of the U.S.The common tumor size was less than 1 centimeter. Non-e had spread to the lymph nodes. These encouraging results may become an alternative solution to prophylactic mastectomy for those at the highest threat of developing breast cancer.

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