A home window to the mind: an interview with Professor Guillermo Aguilar.

Prof. Aguilar offered as the Graduate Advisor and Seat of the Graduate Committee of the ME Section from 2005-2010 and 2011-2012 and presently serves as the Department Chair. Prof. Aguilar provides co-authored a lot more than 70 journal publications, advised a lot more than 40 students, including 17 graduate learners and many undergraduate college students and interns. He offers received research funding from various sources, including NSF, ASLMS, AFOSR, Sandia National Labs, and NIH. His research passions include cryogen spray atomization, spray cooling, laser-tissue interactions, and combined usage of lasers and cryogenics for biomedical applications..‘Financial firms only the first step in locating out the true waiting list figures. The next step is to add those on the waiting lists to see experts at hospitals – the therefore called waiting lists to get on to the waiting lists.’ ‘At the moment patients aren’t included on the waiting around list until they have observed a surgeon at hospital and sometimes this can take months, if not really years.’ ‘The Auditor General has regularly criticised the Health Department waiting list figures as grossly inaccurate.’ ‘Doctors and medical center administrators cannot plan for the future if figures are inaccurate and compiled to provide the perfect picture for Government as they are at the moment,’ Dr Skerritt said..