The Guttmacher Institute says in a new study.

Chuck Young, GAO handling director of general public affairs, stated the scope of the investigation was being determined still, no completion date had been set. Planned Parenthood Federation of America Vice President Eric Ferrero stated in a statement that the move had not been an investigation, but rather a routine survey by GAO in response to a request by opponents of Planned Parenthood in Congress . An interview with Dr Matt SilverYale doctor scientist develops fresh app that aims to decrease pregnancy lossHSS researchers help identify lupus patients at increased threat of problem pregnancies Medpage Today: University Renews Fight Over CONTRACEPTIVE Mandate The nonprofit Colorado Christian University has again filed match against the Department of Health and Human Services , trying in order to avoid an Affordable Care Action mandate to provide crisis contraceptives in its wellness programs.S.Furthermore, acquired immunity to serious malaria is not described by improved control of parasite density and for that reason might target specific antigens or procedures involved with severe syndromes. On the basis of rates of hospitalization and infection because of malaria, the chance of noncerebral severe malaria was regarded as limited to the first infection or two.6 This prospective research provides evidence that the risk of severe malaria is stable over several infections.25 As transmission reduces in many parts of Africa, the risk of severe malaria shifts to older age groups,26 and the theory that only minimal exposure must generate immunity may lead to complacency relating to this danger.