Making it hard to judge the true success.

Accountability Plagues Bush AIDS Program President Bush’s ambitious AIDS-fighting program in poor countries has pushed so difficult for fast outcomes that basic record keeping and accountability often went by the wayside, making it hard to judge the true success, according to federal government audits and officials Read more . Investigators found the three-year-old, $15-billion plan provides overcounted and undercounted hundreds patients it helped or was unable to verify promises of success by local groups that got U.S. Money to avoid the spread of disease or look after Helps victims and their children.

In the six years before and following the policy change, the overall amount of deceased donor transplants rose 23 percent, with a more substantial increase for minorities and a smaller boost for non-Hispanic whites . The current policy, that provides no allocation priority for HLA-B similarity and gives only 1 and two points for matches at HLA-Dr, offers improved access to transplantation for all minority organizations and is not associated with a decrease in 2-12 months graft survival during the first six years following policy change, Ashby concludes..