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ABC emphasizes that the publication of the Pycnogenol monograph isn’t an endorsement or suggestion of the ingredient or the maker. ‘ABC has had an extended history of documenting the precise herbal products and ingredients that have been clinically tested,’ said Blumenthal. ‘Within our nonprofit educational objective, we believe that it is in the general public interest to identify clinically tested natural plant-based products and ingredients that your scientific literature suggests are safe and beneficial.’ ABC’s Pycnogenol monograph may be the fourth in a series of product-specific monographs that the organization has initiated. Extra monographs concerning particular researched industrial ingredients and products are being developed by ABC..

Activated astrocytes could perform a harmful part in Alzheimer’s disease A research team made up of University of Kentucky experts has published a paper which provides the first direct evidence that activated astrocytes could play a harmful function in Alzheimer's disease. The UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging has also received significant fresh National Institutes of Health funding to further this line of study. Chris Norris, a co-employee professor in the UK College of Medicine Section of Biomedical and Molecular Pharmacology, in addition to a member of the faculty at the united kingdom Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, is the senior author on a paper published recently in the Journal of Neuroscience, entitled ‘Targeting astrocytes to ameliorate neurologic adjustments in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.’ The first author on this article, Jennifer L.