A 3-dimensional breast imaging technique.

Medscape: Press To Keep ACA Recommendations Out Of Malpractice Situations The Affordable Care Action is definitely accelerating the change from fee-for-service reimbursement to pay-for-overall performance, and organized medicine is worried about the medical liability implications. What if a physician scores badly on ACA-driven performance methods regarding their care for patients with diabetes, for example? Do low grades provide those sufferers adequate grounds to sue the physician for malpractice? The Hill: NATIONAL GOVERNMENT Inks $8M PR Contract To Promote Health Law The Obama administration has signed a new contract with a pr firm to promote the central little bit of ObamaCare.‘There are many children who are doing great in college and for whom this is not going to be considered a problem, but there are a great number of kids who are teetering about the academic edge,’ Clarkin said. ‘This may be the difference between them graduating and making something of themselves, versus dropping off the rails.’ But while he agrees there must be increased regulation that keeps e-cigarettes out of the hands of teens, Clarkin said that regulation by itself won’t stop this. ‘Controlling supply is never the only response. There’s got to be more education,’ he said. ‘There’s got to be genuine understanding and engagement on the part of parents.