WHO welcomes this contract that aims to increase transparency.

Where gaps in, or no, data exist, statistical models are accustomed to make estimates, often resulting in very different results. In this regard, collaboration among WHO, various other US agencies and academic organizations such as IHME is important to improve global wellness estimates. By investing in increasing transparency relating to data resources and the methods utilized to calculate global health estimates, WHO and IHME try to improve the accuracy and utility of health information to help countries to immediate resources where they are most required.This investment is component of ADM's ongoing efforts to improve returns by strengthening our portfolio of higher-margin items, said Kevin Moore, ADM vice president, Renewable Chemical substances. There is usually significant and developing demand for chemical substance products made from renewable feedstocks. We are focused on continuing to identify novel technologies offering high yields and low transformation costs, stated Todd Werpy, ADM senior vice president, Development and Study.