Air pollution might accelerate cognitive decline in older women A large.

Air pollution might accelerate cognitive decline in older women A large, prospective research led by a researcher at Hurry University Medical Center indicates that chronic exposure to particulate air pollution may accelerate cognitive decline in older adults. The total results of the study will be published in the Feb. 13 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, among the JAMA/Archives journals medication information . In the scholarly study, women who were exposed to higher degrees of ambient particulate matter over the long term experienced more decline in their cognitive functioning over a four-year period. Higher degrees of long-term exposure to both coarse PM and good PM were connected with significantly faster cognitive decline.

Air visitors pollution impacts development and development of unborn children A UK academic is calling for a nationwide study into the effects visitors pollution is wearing asthma victims after his own analysis in Cairo highlighted health issues in children who may even be affected while still in the womb. Dr Mohammad Shamssain and his research team lately completed a study into the effect that high degrees of air visitors pollution has on schoolchildren's respiratory systems, conditions and allergies such as asthma. As part of his study – TRAP Dr Shamssain offers been researching findings in other countries and discovered that air pollution causes two million premature deaths worldwide each year. His research, which has been welcomed by Asthma UK, was recently presented at the largest international chest conference: The American Thoracic Society International Conference in Colorado.