According to criminologists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Section of Justice Sciences.

Most addicts reported getting selective, renting and then family friends and people who sold drugs, or to dealers they trusted. Addicts also reported that they thought that renting was a cheaper option to cash payments and that it safeguarded them from violence and humiliation at the hand of drug sellers, the experts said. An interview with Professor Lesley JonesUAB criminologists Heith Copes, Ph.D., and Rod K. Brunson, Ph.D., interviewed 30 respondents incarcerated in two prisons in Louisiana. Nineteen respondents admitted to renting vehicles owned by addicts in exchange for medications.29 percent for 14 individuals with more than 5 to 9 years since analysis and 27 percent for 15 individuals with more than 9 to 24 years since medical diagnosis . Among the 19 patients with chronic-phase CML who were resistant to imatinib followed by either nilotinib or dasatinib, 17 had a significant cytogenetic response, 15 had a complete cytogenetic response, and 13 had a significant molecular response. Among the 21 patients with level of resistance to imatinib, dasatinib, and nilotinib, 12 experienced a significant cytogenetic response, 10 had a full cytogenetic response, and 5 got a significant molecular response .