A recent study done partly by the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Nine had been significant, resulting in hospitalization, permanent disability or death. Three of the nine instances included misdiagnosed underlying pathology such as for example cancer of the spinal cord. Two involved adverse occasions such as severe headache requiring medical assistance moderately, and three involved small events such as for example back soreness. Yet another 20 cases were defined as delayed medical diagnosis and/or inappropriate delivery of spinal manipulation for severe medical ailments requiring the care of a physician.We hypothesize that a number of species of animals, possibly bats, were the reservoir web host of this new coronavirus. Saudi Arabia harbors many bat species, including pipistrellus bats, which were found to carry BatCoV-HKU5 in Asia. The patient’s findings on chest radiography together with the clinical symptoms indicated acute respiratory distress syndrome with multiorgan dysfunction syndrome , similar from what offers been described in severe cases of SARS and influenza.19-21 These pneumonic changes did not respond to antibacterial treatment.22 The patient was treated with oseltamivir for the possibility of infection with the H1N1 swine flu virus.