15 signs YOU are one of the sleeping masses.

15 signs YOU are one of the sleeping masses, from a mind-body-spirit perspective The best way to know that you are physically awake is to verify you are not sleeping. Look around. Ask yourself if you are awake. Pinch yourself. This does the secret, if you don’t want to push the philosophical issue beyond the practical. Understanding whether you are awake is normally more complicated psychologically. Psychological sleep is denial, in fact it is tough to recognize because part of denial is to believe you are not in denial.We emphasize attributable risk over relative-risk estimates in the full total results, because attributable risks are more relevant from clinical and public health perspectives and are less sensitive to differences in the lengths of risk intervals. In evaluating our risk estimates with those of various other studies, we sometimes use relative risks, either because a study with which we are evaluating our outcomes reported only relative risks or because comparing attributable dangers across countries with different background rates of intussusception could be misleading. To make sure that our results were robust, we used choice methods for age adjustment in post hoc analyses.