Designed at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dr. Suthanthiran anticipates conducting another NIH-funded scientific trial to test whether the signature test may be used to personalize specific immunosuppressive therapy. He says that NIH can be thinking about submitting the test to the federal Food and Drug Administration for approval.. 3-gene signature test will improve care of kidney transplant individuals National medical trial demonstrates the 3-gene signature test, designed at Weill Cornell Medical College, will improve care of kidney transplant individuals A breakthrough non-invasive test can detect whether transplanted kidneys are along the way of being rejected, in addition to identify patients at risk for rejection weeks to months before they show symptoms, according to a study published in THE BRAND NEW England Journal of Medicine .Fewer than one-half of pregnant women in low – and middle-income countries who require care to prevent vertical transmission have access. The disconnect between available knowledge and access to HIV avoidance and treatment providers for those who use injection medicines in Eastern European countries and Central Asia in addition has emerged as a key meeting theme. Though injecting methods fuel the region’s epidemic, access to scientifically sound strategies, including syringe and needle exchange programmes and opioid substitution therapy, are scarce and unlawful in many locations even, including Russia. In Eastern Europe, a few kilometres from Vienna just, drug use is driving the AIDS epidemic, said Dr.