Associate director at Sanitation and Water for Africa.

Oko-Williams, associate director at Sanitation and Water for Africa, was chosen and nominated for her advocacy and collaborative community approach for clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Africa. From poor, rural, disease-stricken communities in Nigeria to communities of the deep forests of war-torn Sierra Leone and Liberia to desert communities in Niger Republic, Oko-Williams is engaged with issues affecting access to sanitation and water. She believes Africa's development problems can be solved with the support and collaboration of the developed world and achieved with African citizens in the driver's seat.Offered right here you will find 5 tips to help you manage your diabetes and keep you blood sugar levels under control. 1. Eat a low carbohydrate, low glycemic diet. The basic idea is to eat a diet that will keep your blood sugars from spiking. When a diet is consumed by you abundant with sugars or simple carbohydrates, your sugars climb quickly. If you are unable to produce sufficient insulin, or if your cells are becoming insulin resistant, in that case your blood sugars are likely to rise to an unsafe level, you will likely gain weight, and you will put a stress on your cardiovascular system. Eating a diet lower in sugar and rich in fiber shall help to keep your sugars stable.