After 2004 tsunami.

These two agencies focus on restoring coastal ecosystems. In July 2005 GCP started 16 coastal rehabilitation tasks in Aceh, including Gle Jong Village, by giving financial and technical assistance. Project implementation was executed by WI and consisted of planting 65,000 trees, including 60,000 mangrove trees, and the rehabilitation of coastal economic activities such as fishing. New study of coastal administration confirms mangrove planting essential to successThe results of a new study on mangrove-assisted fisheries by WI, the type Conservancy and the University of Cambridge had been released on November 24: The analysis concludes that seafood populations that depend on mangroves will become highest where mangrove biomass productivity is certainly highest, as leaves and woody materials form a key part of the marine meals chains.The frequency of survival with an IQ score of 85 or higher was 52 percent in the hypothermia group as compared with 39 percent in the control group . The amount of children who need to be treated with hypothermia to be able to prevent 1 child from dying or having an IQ rating lower than 85 was 8 . There is no significant interaction between treatment and grade of abnormality on amplitude-integrated EEG . The results of an analysis adjusted for maternal educational level had been materially unchanged, as were the results of a sensitivity analysis that included data from nonparticipants and a sensitivity analysis that included kids who were not able to complete IQ testing and were assigned to the group with an IQ score lower than 85 .