AcroMetrix introduces the OptiQual HPV Genotype Panel AcroMetrix.

This enables for full process control of molecular check procedures, from extraction through amplification and detection. Additionally, customers will observe excellent consistency and reproducibility in results from lot to great deal because the panel members are stated in accordance with ISO 17511.. AcroMetrix introduces the OptiQual HPV Genotype Panel AcroMetrix, a leading manufacturer of quality control material for clinical diagnostic and bloodstream testing laboratories, today the start of its OptiQual HPV Genotype Panel announced. Panel users include HPV-16, 18, 68, and a negative, and are offered allowing users to customize their own HPV genotyping panel individually.Scientists in Italy say they have found that low levels of serotonin in the brains of laboratory mice triggered adjustments in heartrate and body temperature that could lead to sudden death. Serotonin is normally a neurotransmitter which is in charge of passing messages between brain cells, low levels of the chemical substance are associated with depression in humans. The researchers from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Monterotondo, simulated Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in mice and discovered that the rodents were affected by levels of this chemical in the brain stem, the area of the brain which coordinates fundamental body features including heart, lungs and temperature regulation.