AccentHealth purchases waiting area television network Everwell AccentHealth.

The offer follows AccentHealth's latest acquisition of Havas Effect's wellness panel business, a buy that doubled AccentHealth's national footprint. ‘We are very happy to add Everwell's offices to your waiting room tv network,’ said John Curbishley , EVP, Business and Product Development for AccentHealth. ‘We look forward to dealing with our new doctor office partners to introduce AccentHealth's award winning programming service. ‘By expanding our national footprint we can become a far more integral component of their media programs.’ MediVista Mass media will continue steadily to operate its existing Everwell content business generating and distributing health video programming across multiple systems..Ixekizumab had a rapid onset of action, while evidenced by significant reductions in PASI scores, as compared with placebo, occurring at as soon as week 1 in the two highest-dose groups and by the significantly higher %age of sufferers with a reduction in the PASI rating by at least 75 percent or static physician’s global evaluation rating of 0 or 1, as compared with placebo, in as early as week 2 in the highest-dose group. Approximately 40 percent of patients in both highest dose organizations had comprehensive clearance of psoriasis plaques on the skin, as reflected by a decrease in the PASI rating by 100 percent or a static physician’s global assessment rating of 0 at 12 weeks.