A third of young adults too fat to join military: report WICHITA.

We think a more healthy life style over the long term will have significant impacts on both military posture – those available to get into the armed service – and across our culture all together from a medical perspective, retired Brigadier Gen. John Schmader said in a phone interview ahead of the report’s release. Weight problems is one of the leading causes of military ineligibility among people age groups 17 to 24, the report notes. Others are a lack of adequate education, a criminal background or drug use. All those come up with mean that 71 % of Kansans are ineligible for armed service service, according to the group. The military has also noticed a 61 % rise in weight problems since 2002 among its energetic duty forces, generating up obesity-related healthcare spending and costs to replace unfit military personnel, the report said.You’d be helped by The exercises to keep your body weight ideal. Maintaining body shape Maintaining a good body figure is something that every woman wants to do. In case you are somebody who has plenty of work to do every day and forgets to do any physical workouts, you may lose the body shape. This will affect your visual appearance too. You will have to soon say goodbye to your preferred set of clothing and get satisfied with whatever matches your plumpness. If you spend some time each day at a fitness center for women, you can easily maintain good body shape. Boosting confidence When you perform workout at a women health and fitness center every full day, you shall be in a position to keep your body in good shape.