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The study found that seniors receive prescriptions from two different doctors issued an average of 27 prescriptions a year and were at risk for 10 potential prescription drug errors. However, if the care consisted team of five doctors, the number of prescriptions filled rose in one year to 42 and the number of potential medication errors jumped to 16 This is an increase of 60 percent.

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The research has also shown that patients, statins and blood thinners, both of which had commonly used in the treatment of heart disease, a slightly higher risk to die or end up in the emergency room next year.Nearly 60,000 women ages 55 years and over have registered in a landmark, multi-national studies which focus on the treatment of osteoporosis all over the world. To start of Global Longitudinal Registry of osteoporosis female ECCEO 8 was announced in Istanbul, Turkey. This groundbreaking monitoring study in osteoporosis should to gain insights, to to improve the standard of care in postmenopausal women at risk of osteoporosis. ‘We know that there patient with a high risk for osteoporosis, times already undergone a fracture that are not always undiagnosed and untreated We are have to figure out Why did does not,’said Dr. Robert Lindsay, GLOW Board Committee on Co-Chair and Chief of at at Helen Hayes Hospital, West Haverstraw, ‘Worldwide, we have an aging female population to get to maintain independence of and viability.

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On GLOWGLOW is a prospective, longitudinal monitoring study to the women over 55, Leuven, Belgium a general practitioner to the previous two years of study visited. To by 700 through 700 general practitioners in 17 towns North America, Europe and Australia. GLOW collect information on osteoporosis risk factors, treatment approaches, the behavior of patients , and breaking. Results at an annual patient interview for a period of 5 years of.

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