He continues.

He continues. ‘In vCJD, the normal version of the prion protein, PrP found naturally in the brain is damaged by infectious prions to cause disease PrP PrP is not clear. ‘.

Formation of Alzheimer plaques Whether this function result result of the normal aging process, or if some for them for them than others we do not know ‘.. Are bred using cells in the lab, saw the team from the effect of high and low levels of normal prion protein to the successful formation of beta-amyloid, the source of Alzheimer’s plaques. They found that beta-amyloid form not in cells with higher than usual levels of PrPc in comparison, when the level of PrPc or or absent, beta amyloid formation was found to go back up.

Professor Hooper said: ‘Until now, the normal function of prion proteins has remained unclear, but our results clearly role role for normal prion proteins in regulating the production of beta-amyloid and thus prevent.Identify Boulton adding that 450,000 labor migrants leave the country in every year to work ,, 75 percent which are women. According to the Association of migrant workers, 161 of 145,289 potentially migrants in in Indonesia tested positive of of HIV in 2004 and checked 203 of 233,626 prospective migrant women HIV-positive. Boulton said, J provide More Information and assistance to potential Indonesia migrant workers so avoiding avoid contracting HIV / AIDS. At work and if they come returned to Indonesia It added that discrimination against HIV-positive workers is also a subject. A recently solidarity among women for Human Rights Free in three Indonesian cities, the high level migrants populations of helpful carried many migrant women in the land have minimum knowledge about HIV / AIDS, as transmitted and as you prevent their spread.

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Two hundred and thirty-three thousand six hundred twenty-six demands Indonesian Government to Migrant Workers improving ‘ of knowledge about HIV / AIDS..