We look forward to doing even more.

, a program in which companies with the health industry can work together to reduce disparities and signed by six members. – Davis writes: ‘[W] e are proud of last year’s results in our efforts to the curse of health disparities based on race and ethnicity end, but in 2008, we look forward to doing even more. ‘(Davis, American Medical News.

Davis President Details 2007 Actions Commission to health care disparities endfail When patients receive high quality care because of their racial or ethnic origin suffers Fortunately, we have Fortunately, we have to work hard in medicine to partial cure the disease of social. ,, American Medical Association President Ronald Davis writes in a commentary for the American Medical News.Independent large study by Medco Health Solutions Inc. Was carried out found of women on for cancer Previous risk of doubled doubled antidepressant – and in particular, Paxil and Prozac.

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