Wim van Putten.

Given the similar distribution of the various kinds of consolidation therapy in both treatment teams, it really is unlikely that different postremission remedies mask an effect of induction treatment. A landmark evaluation with end factors of overall survival and relapse-free survival right away of consolidation therapy did not reveal an conversation between type of consolidation therapy and type of induction therapy .Markus Mandler, Head of the section of Neurodegenerative Diseases at AFFiRiS AG, is normally delighted about the financial contribution to the advancement of PD01 and the acknowledgement that it represents: As much as one in a hundred people over age 60 develops Parkinson’s disease. Not surprisingly large number, medical developments to time have mainly addressed the symptoms of the disease – a treatment that can slow or stop disease progression is not successfully developed. The vaccine PD01 targets the protein known as alpha-synuclein , whose accumulation and associated deposition in the mind are believed to be essential for the progression of Parkinson’s disease. A decrease in the alpha-syn focus in the brain should consequently have a positive influence on the medical progression of Parkinson’s.