The European Union and several personal enterprises has launched a three-year.

This open creativity model at the core of the project, alongside with gender and ethical studies, will help to establish audio economics for such robots. An integral target is to get ready such robots for AAL users in five years period. The security of the robot with seniors is of paramount importance. This will become an overarching, guiding principle for the collaboration, which includes European leaders in a number of different regions of competence: a robot manufacturer; professionals for dialogue systems, human-machine interaction, content management and details retrieval, and autonomous navigation; and sociologists for acquiring the preferences and needs of the mark group.They need to consider each patient’s person situation, and suggest practical answers to help them overcome the problem. Recommendations, she added, might include persuading men to let their wives drive for the time of the ban, or exploring local public transport options. It is necessary, she stressed, to get patients to repeat back the given information to make sure that they have understood it. Regular specialized check-ups, she added, can offer the ideal possibility to check whether individuals are sticking with advice also to reiterate the message.