Think of heavy make-up, such as oily foundations and concealers, as masks that trap essential oil and bacteria permitting them to clog the skin’s skin pores. These types of products simply aggravate skin conditions such as rosacea and really should be avoided when possible. Instead, try to find gentle rosacea skin care products, including cleansers, moisturizers and make-up, that are water-based. A sunscreen of at least an SPF 8 should be worn each day as sunlight is usually the most common reason behind a flare-up.CBSN Child gets dual hands transplant In the initial case of its kind, doctors in Philadelphia have successfully completed a double hand and forearm transplant on a child. Meg Oliver ta. Through the operation, the donor’s hands and forearms had been attached by linking bone, arteries, nerves, muscles, skin and tendons. The surgical group was divided into four working groups, two centered on the donor hands, and two focused on the recipient. Initial, the bones in his arm were connected with steel screws and plates.