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First, there is no significant difference in outcome between the two study groups. Although there was a trend toward even more gastrointestinal unwanted effects with the enteral path, the reported increase in infectious complications which have been associated with the parenteral route had not been observed. Possible contributory factors are improvements in current management of vascular access27 and prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia,28 in addition to advancements in feeding technology. Second, there is no factor in effective nutritional delivery, since patients in both groups did not have the caloric targets.Bobbie Sutton, Director and Pathologist of Molecular Pathology. ‘The addition of the Chip prep module simplifies our procedure and reduces the potential for contamination,’ added Tammy Ray, Medical Technologist for the laboratory. The Chip prep module can procedure eight 96-pad SpectroCHIP Arrays in less than a day time and it offers on-board cooling and storage, which allow over night processing and storage of two extra SpectroCHIP Arrays. The module is an add-on to the MassARRAY Analyzer.

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