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Recent advances in data analysis technology have provided federal controllers, such as the Health Care Fraud Avoidance and Enforcement Action Group, new and effective weapons in the fight fraud, Czarnecki says. ‘Controllers are getting better at determining irregular and suspicious patterns in state submissions,’ he says. ‘Collaboration and data posting between organizations have improved. Groups are focusing their initiatives in cities defined as hot spots.’ The full total results are encouraging. Czarnecki's research implies that for every dollar spent to control fraud from 2009-2011, $7 was returned.The researchers calculate that, in areas where in fact the titanium dioxide technology can be used, ammonia degradation could account for up to 13 % of the nitrogen oxides in the instant vicinity. This shows that widespread use of the technology could contribute to ozone formation significantly. The findings are timely as the Environmental Protection Company is developing stricter regulations for ground-level ozone, a primary component in photochemical smog.