But medical extremism in America today isnt bound by anything resembling medical ethics.

Capitol Extension Hearing Area E2.012, Austin, TX We need visitors to arrive by 7:45 a.m. And post a witness affirmation card against the bill with respect to themselves and any organizations they represent before the hearing starts. Please experience free to stay watching the hearing or send oral or written testimony against the bill. Tomorrow and please plan to be there when you can More information upon this bill will be coming! – – history and text for HB 465 – – hearing notice 2) Legislative Visitor Day time to Stop Forced and Coerced Vaccination in Texas Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:50 a.m.In all of those cases taxpayers will tend to be saddled with the expense of the medication. Earlier this year, members of the homely house Energy and Commerce Committee requested that Gilead Sciences, the maker of the drug, provide explanation for its high price tag. Executives of the business have vowed to meet with users of Congress to address how the company can be sure Sovaldi reaches those that need it most. CBS News reported previously this month that share shares for Gilead Sciences have soared 53 % over the last season. Sovaldi may generate the biggest product sales ever for a drug’s first year, that could bring in as much as $10 billion this season only, some analysts say.