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‘While some prepackaged foods may seem convenient, parents should be cautious, as many contain excess sugar and fat. Donuts, toaster pastries, pork bacon or sausage sandwiches, chips, fruit drinks plus some cereals can end up being laden with extra calories and have little nutritional value. Read the nourishment label to find lower-fat items and the substances label for products that do not list sugar among the first substances,’ Smithson says. ‘Most importantly, parents have to be positive role versions: Eat breakfast yourselves,’ Smithson says.Dr. Christopher Tirotta, CEO of American Scientific, commented, ‘With a successful end result from the ECRM event in March, we’re excited to see the results of NACDS. Using diagnostic photos and additional data from the Australian Blue Mountains Eye Study, the researchers showed that patients who got abnormally narrow retinal arteries when the analysis began had been also those that were probably to possess glaucoma at its 10-calendar year end point. If confirmed by upcoming study, this finding could give ophthalmologists a fresh way to identify and treat those who are most vulnerable to vision loss from glaucoma. The analysis was published on the web by Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.