And allergy sufferers are enduring one of the worst allergy seasons in years.

Ah-Choo! Pollen Blankets The Southeast The Southeastern United States has been blanketed in pollen in the past week, and allergy sufferers are enduring one of the worst allergy seasons in years . In Atlanta, the pollen count reached 5,937 particles per cubic meter of air flow on Thursday. Records held by the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic display that’s the second-highest level it has documented. In the Southeast, a pollen count of 120 is considered extremely high. ‘Last week I experienced like I had an elephant on my chest. It was just so heavy and so tight,’ Atlanta resident Deborah Greene told CBS Information correspondent Mark Strassmann. The high pollen counts are because of a lack of rain, which scrubs pollen from the new air.

Competitiveness in lifestyle, medical and biological sciences.. Agios receives two grants under QTDP program to develop novel cancer metabolism therapies Agios Pharmaceuticals, the leading biopharmaceutical organization focused on discovering and developing novel drugs in the rapidly emerging field of cancer metabolism, today announced it offers received two grants totaling a lot more than $488,000 from the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Task Plan. The grants will support Agios’ efforts to build up novel cancer metabolism therapies including lead programs targeting the main element metabolic enzymes PKM2 and IDH.D., chief executive officer of Agios. ‘These awards highlight the worthiness of our exclusive biological insights into the metabolic pathways of cancers cells and will help us progress our portfolio of first-in-class cancer metabolism medication candidates and increase our great team.’ These grants are becoming distributed as part of the Patient Safety and Affordable Care Take action of 2010 to U.S.